Discover The Hottest Products To Import From China and Learn The A to Z Of Importing Them To Your Country... Plus Much More!

What Kinds of Profits Can I Really Expect?

Profits really depend on what you're selling, how many sales you make, and what your markup is (a markup is the difference between what you paid for it and what you sell it for). This is one reason why it's so important to know what you're doing before you buy products from China!

However, if you choose the right products, there are HUGE profits to be made.
And I'm not talking importing precious gems or even large commercial items— I'm talking regular, everyday retail items people buy every day.

Here are some samples of REAL Chinese factory listings, the price they charge per item, and what similar items are selling for on the Internet. All examples are from this month.

Note: The Chinese companies gave prices in U.S. dollars, so I showed the examples in U.S. dollars.

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Lots Of People Import From China –
Isn't There Too Much Competition?

Would I really be telling people how to do this if it would hurt my import business? No way! No smart business person would tell other people how to become direct competition.

The truth is that importing from China is a business method, not a market. By this I mean it's simply a way of getting your products. You can't "max" it out.

It's like opening a restaurant. There may be hundreds of restaurants in your city, maybe thousands, but does that mean your restaurant can't be successful? Of course not! You just have to offer good food (a product) at a good price, and hungry people will always show up. If you offer a good product at a fair price, people will buy it.

And yes, I would be lying if I said a market can't be oversaturated with a product. If you're opening an Italian restaurant and there are already four Italian restaurants on your block, you may have a problem.

But competition is only an issue when there's poor planning. This is exactly why my online importing course is so important— it teaches you how to choose the right products to import and how to create a market for those products.

Here's a look at the projected worldwide e-commerce sales for the next 4 years. Notice it's always going up? As more and more people around the world start using the Internet for shopping, you'll also be introducing your product to new markets.

Isn't it hard to look at those amazing profits and realise
the money you're MISSING OUT ON right now?


Make Money Importing (Online Course)
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How Do I Find The Right Products To Sell?

What people are really worried about when they ask this question is whether or not they're going to be able to sell the products they buy.

They're worried they'll have a huge container of goods arrive all those products will just sit in storage because no one wants them.

I'm not going to lie to you, it does happen! But it happens to people who didn’t learn before they jumped into the business.

As I mentioned above, in my online importing course I'll go over exactly how to avoid this mistake by showing you how to figure out what's hot in the market, how to calculate your profit margin, AND how to sell your product.

I can even show you how to buy products with other people's money and never put a single item in storage. I do it all the time.

Importing Is One Thing, What About
Actually Selling The Product?

This is a great question. So many people focus on choosing a product and the rush of ordering their first shipment that they forget to come up with a strategy for selling! They figure they can just figure it out as they go, but this is a big mistake that will eat up all your profits!

Luckily, my online importing course covers selling in a lot of detail. (This is something that sets my seminar apart, by the way).

You will learn:

How to create online websites fast and cheaply (less than $200 each)
32 strategies for converting more website visitors into buyers, and making more money from your website
How to drive targeted traffic to your online web store for free
How to set up a profitable eBay campaign to sell your goods (and crush your competition!)
How to advertise your imported goods and sell them on Facebook, YouTube, Gumtree and craigslist.
How I have used YouTube to generate over 14 million views, sending over 100,000 visitors a month to my websites
How to hire full time staff in the Philippines from $62.50 per week who can manage your business for you and give you more time off
How to become an instant wholesaler selling directly to businesses and retail
The secrets of drop shipping and when you shouldn't drop ship products
How to pre-sell your goods online, allowing you to trade effortlessly and risk-free without fronting up large amounts of capital
The best ways to sell goods offline using direct mail, advertising and more
The easiest way of selling your goods online (without owning a website)

And all this is just what you'll learn about selling! There's also a ton of information about buying, handling Chinese factories, legal considerations and more!

Can A "Regular Person" Really Do This?

An absolute 100% YES!!! And I can prove it.

First of all, I did it. I started out while I was still working a "regular job", I learned how to market and sell products, then I ventured into importing products and storing them in my garage! Yep, that's me down there, hanging out with my kids back in 1995, with my first shipment of products.

And that goofy smile is because I was making over $9,000 PER DAY in profits.

Each box was making me $1500. As you can see, it escalated quickly and soon I was doing it full time.

I was just an average bloke with a job and a family, and I became wealthy doing this. There is no reason you can't do the same.

Want more proof? Take a look at these guys who started importing when they were teenagers and are now multimillionaires!



Try It Risk-Free!

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Will YOU Seize Your Opportunity?

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Isn't There A Problem With Poor Quality Products
Coming From China?

Of course there are poor quality products made in China. There are poor quality products made everywhere. There are inferior products made in every single country in the world. There are also amazing, well-made products out there.

When you consider how many products are imported into Australia (over $120 million dollars worth EVERY SINGLE DAY) the percentage of dangerous products is actually pretty low.

The point here is to realise that products, domestic and international, vary in quality. You have to learn how to find reputable manufacturers and make sure products meet quality standards.

Quality control is one of the topics we cover in depth at the START IMPORTING NOW BOOT CAMP.

We'll cover:

How to get actual physical inspections on the factory located in China for as little as $200 (some companies charge thousands for this service)
7 ways to find out whether a supplier is a scammer
How to audit and inspect a factory from your lounge room using a telephone and the Internet!
Proven strategies for inspecting products to ensure they are made well and can be sold to your customers
How to locate QUALITY factories in China and Hong Kong that provide high quality products


We'll go over all this and more at the seminar. A lot of people who start in the importing business learn these lessons the hard way, and sometimes too late. But face it, you're dealing with another country, different laws, and a vastly different culture. Do you really want to try to go into that without knowing what you're doing?

Set yourself up for success by becoming an expert.




THE MAKE MONEY ONLINE COURSE is the most comprehensive online course on how to import from China you'll find anywhere. We will cover EVERYTHING. But here's a taste of what you'll learn (so you can start getting excited)!


  • The common mistakes beginning importers make
  • Discover my personal (and proven) research techniques for finding hot-selling products
  • How to get Chinese factories to give you lower prices (sometimes lower than cost)
  • How to get free samples from manufacturers
  • Tips for researching what products on the Internet
  • How to sample test your products (cool little tricks I use)
  • The 5 most important people you'll meet in the Import/Export business, and how knowing this will dramatically shortcut your learning curve


  • How to build a small global export empire with your branded products in other countries like USA, Europe, Canada and Asia
  • How to test your marketplace with your imported products
  • Locating distributors to sell your products for you
  • Selling your goods via online websites & eBay (and literally sleep and wake up with sales and orders in your email)
  • How to virtually guarantee that each and every client becomes your loyal cheerleader who brings you a steady stream of new clients (once you know this, advertising isn't even necessary).
  • A step-by-step formula for coming up with the perfect price for your services (never worry about how much to charge again)
  • How to use direct mail to promote your new business... so that your clients come to YOU!
  • How to determine who your target market is, and how to go after them in a way that sets you apart from everyone else in the field


  • Understand how shipping and transportation will help your import business
  • Understand the roles of freight forwarding and customs procedures
  • Discover what exclusive territory means and how you can use it to your advantage
  • Writing contracts with Chinese factories and using little known tricks like "agreements with consequences"
  • The tricks to dealing with customs, including time-saving shortcuts most beginners never learn about
  • The single most important thing you must include in any contract dealing with suppliers, and why ignoring this will drive them into the arms of your competitors

This is by no means a complete list! I really don't think I could list everything here if I tried. But I promise you, you WILL walk away from this event knowing everything you need to know to start your own successful import business.

In fact, I guarantee it. If you don't feel you're getting good information from the Boot Camp, or you just decide it's not for you, I'll refund your money, no questions asked. That's how much I believe in what I'm teaching.

Oh, and one more thing…

How Do I Know I'll Get My Money's Worth From

I'm going to answer this question with some questions:

  • Are you getting up every morning full of energy and excited about the day?
  • Are you able to spend time with your family without feeling tired and stressed?
  • Can you take a vacation whenever you want, without having to ask permission?
  • Is your life fulfilling and exciting?
  • Are you wealthy?

How much would it be worth to you if you could answer all these questions with a joyful YES? You'd certainly give more than $197? To set the stage for a lifetime of wealth and freedom? How can that NOT be worth it?

I can see why you might hesitate. You don't know if it will all come up bust, and it's hard to take that first step. I really do get that. But let me ask you one final question:

Is what you're doing now working?

If it's not, why keep doing it? Fear is great in that it makes us question things. But if it's getting in the way of what you want out of life, you're letting it take over. Your life will never change unless you take some kind of action. Any kind of action.

And I can tell you from experience, you're going to make a few mistakes. Life is full of mistakes. But the more information you have, the fewer mistakes you make. You reduce your risk. You give yourself the tools to succeed. And (best of all) you give yourself the freedom to live the life you always wanted.


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Make Money Importing (Online Course)
Reserve your spot now before we increase the price!

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